Is It Time to Fire Your Boss?

Employee satisfaction and the state of the economy are two factors that play into an employee’s decision to leave a company and find other work, to weather the internal storms, or to say “I quit” and start a whole new business. According to the folks over at Teem, 48% of employees report being “somewhat happy” or “unhappy” at work. Since the election, the University of Michigan found that sentiments about the economy range from down 13% (for Democrats) and up 40% (for Republicans). That’s a huge difference in perspective on the same economy.

After both the Enron scandal and the economic impact of the 2007 writer’s strike, a lot of people said “forget this, I can’t do worse on my own” and they started their own business. The economic sentiment at the time was that things were bad. Really bad. But what came out those horrible situations were a lot of small business.

There is never a good time to start a small business – except now.

Whether you are reading this post a minute after publication or years later, now is a good time to start a small business. When times are good, most people are optimistic about the future and feel like taking a risk on a new business. And when times are really bad, a lot of people feel like they have nothing to lose by starting a new business. But the reality is that with some good planning, proper capital, and the right amount of commitment, today is as good a time as any to start a new business.

Part of your planning process should be making sure that you choose the right model, have the right licensing, the right strategic partners, and the right legal protections in place for your new business. Our lawyers are experienced entrepreneurs. Many of us are on our second career and have a wealth of knowledge and resources to help you plan your new business so that you can hit the ground running.

Give us a call and request a consultation. We’ll walk you through the process of setting up your business. We’ll brainstorm with you about different approaches, and help you articulate your plan in a way that might give you the confidence you need to step out and fire your boss.

When you don’t know who to call, we answer.