Trade-Secret Theft

If necessity is the mother of invention, trade-secret theft is the grim reaper.

When your company invests considerable time and effort developing a trade-secret or other work product, the last thing you want it to see someone else using it to help themselves and hurt you. Whether its a former employee forming a new company with your intellectual capital, or a competitor taking credit for your ideas, we prosecute. We use experts in electronic discovery, forensic examination, and corporate espionage to fight back. We aim to not only make you whole but punish the thief. We are experienced in protecting clients from malicious employees, competitors, and third-parties that steal ideas, work product, and proprietary information. When you don’t know who to call, we answer.

What is a Trade Secret?

A trade secret is information that you’ve attempted to keep secret and derives economic value from not being known or available to others in your area of expertise. Examples of trade secrets include:

  • Customer or Supplier Lists
  • Financial Data
  • Computer Programs or Other Devices
  • Company Methods, Patterns, or Techniques

If someone is using your information unfairly to solicit customers or gain an unfair competitive advantage, we’re here to help.

How Will We Protect Your Company?

If your trade secret is being misappropriated, we can work to get an injunction to stop another’s use of your confidential information, seek damages for lost wages and other monetary damages your company suffered, and attorney’s fees.