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When you don't know who to call, we answer.

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The first step is to call us as soon as possible and schedule a time to tell us your story.

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We Plan

Our team of lawyers develop a strategy, make a plan, and create a budget to get you where you want to be.

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We Fight

Our team includes experts, psychologists, trial lawyers, and specialists who will fight for the best results possible.

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Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Nothing feels worse than losing your freedom. No matter how big or small your case is, you need a trial lawyer to tell your side of the story.

Family Law

You never wanted things to get to this point. Our team of trial lawyers will guide you through the difficult process of making sense of your situation.

Personal Injury

When the medical bills pile up and you haven’t been able to work, our team of trial lawyers will fight for the money you deserve.

Employment Law

Fighting against an employer is scary. When your company breaks the law, our team of trial lawyers fight for you.

You Shouldn’t Have to Settle for Second-Rate Service

When you work, you expect to get paid.

When you pay money, you expect to get something valuable for your money.

We strive to give each of our clients value. We spend countless hours studying the law, working your case, obsessing over the details, and preparing to tell your story. All of that effort is so that we can provide you with the highest level of service and the best results possible.

Step One: We listen to you tell your side of the story.

Step Two: We create a plan of action and determine what kind of budget we will need to get you the best results.

Step Three: We fight for you. We make sure that your story is told in a way that cannot be ignored.

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Our Team

Our team is what makes the difference. The time and effort put into preparing your case requires risk takers who are willing to step into your shoes and understand the issues from your eyes.

Joshua Graham

Trial Lawyer & Practice Leader

Mr. Graham is a trial lawyer who spends as much time counseling his clients in legal matters as he does preparing for trials. View Profile

Esli Luis

Legal Assistant

Esli was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. She is a very valuable part of our trial preparation team. View Profile

Ameera Hallaq

Certified Paralegal

Ameera Hallaq is a certified paralegal primarily focused on our litigation processes.  Ameera graduated from... View Profile

Stevanna Denning

Supervising Paralegal

Stevanna is a supervising paralegal with more than 10-years experience in civil litigation. View Profile