Employment Law

Who would have thought that your employer would go so low as to sue you?


It happens.  Believe it or not, there are employers who can and will sue a former employee.  A vengeful employer may even try to file criminal charges out of spite.  Yes, it happens.

What happens when my former employer sues me?

The first thing that will happen is that your employer will send a process server or constable to find you and serve you with a copy of the lawsuit.  It is very important that you call us immediately because there is a time limit that you will have to meet in order to not automatically be found in default.  We can help you.

Often times your employer will have already talked to the judge and convinced the judge to sign an Ex Parte Temporary Restraining Order.  “Ex Parte” means that that your employer went behind your back.  If you suspect that your employer is going to sue you, the best thing to do is to call us right away so that we can arrange to represent you.  We will tell your employer that you are represented, requiring your employer to notify us before speaking to the judge.

Be prepared.  The lawsuit is going to read like a graphic novel where you are not the hero – your employer will make you out to be the villain.  It will hurt reading these horrible things about yourself.  Often times the “facts” are downright lies.  Don’t worry, just call us.

Do I really need a lawyer?

Yes.  More often than not, large corporations will use their money to make an example out you.  Maybe you went to a competitor and your former employer is upset about that.  We’ve defended against that.  Maybe your former employer is accusing you of stealing even though you never took a nickel.  We’ve defended against that too.  Call us.  We want to help you.

What if my former employer calls the police.  Do I cooperate?

No.  Do not under any circumstances talk to the police.  Instead, tell the police “I decline to be interviewed.”  Simple as that.  Then call us.  We want to help you.

When you don’t know who to call, we answer.