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Success requires a team of A players who will do anything to get the job done.

Good teammates make for good teams.  Every person has a role that he or she is uniquely gifted to fill.  Some will be outgoing leaders blazing a trail forward in our business, while others will spend their time collecting, reviewing, compiling, and interpreting data.  It takes all kinds of people to make what we do work.

We are trial lawyers, first and foremost.  We take the time to learn our clients’ story and then we tell the story to a jury in a way that cuts to the heart of the issues.

We are intentional about who we work with.  The fact is that we spend more than 50% of our lives with the people we work with and yet some spend very little time getting to know each other.  Here, you can be rest assured that if you are a fit for one of our roles, you are not going to be lost in a sea of people because the best fit rises to the top no matter what.  First we look at the fit, then we consider your qualifications.

If you think that you might be a fit for one of our roles, apply.  If we aren’t able to work together today, we might call you up in the future when we have the perfect job for you.

Are you a personal injury or criminal defense guru? Do you appreciate direct no-nonsense communication? Do you count the cases you close as a notch on your belt? Can you cut through useless clutter to create a streamlined and orderly process to deliver a perfect product?

The mission for this role is to gather and compile information that will help the Firm close in excess of $1m (gross) in personal injury cases as well as prepare information needed to take criminal case to trial (subpoenas, discovery, organizing evidence).

Kent Davis is a seasoned and experienced attorney who helps his clients think about the things that no one really wants to think about; things like death or disability.  Imagine what could happen to you if for some reason you were no longer able to communicate to your family and loved ones what your wishes were.  That’s a scary thought for anyone in their right mind.  Kent Davis can help.  He is experienced in sophisticated planning strategies that will give you peace of mind.  You can learn more about Mr. Davis and his offerings at

Guardianship is the legal process where the court appoints a friend, family, or professional to be responsible for an incapacitated person.  Incapacity can take on different forms.  We recommend Ronda Haynes.  Ronda was born and raised in Azle, having graduated from Azle High School in 1990. After moving away for many years, she returned home to open her law practice. She is involved in her local community and in the Fort Worth Community. She volunteers with the VITA program and sits on the Board of Directors of Guardianship Services, Inc.  Visit her website at

Bankruptcy law requires a specialized skillset that should never be a “side hustle.”  Often times our family law clients find themselves in dire financial straits after a divorce.  We refer our clients to Bryeans & Garcia, PLLC.  Learn more about them at

Paula Elliott is one of the most compassionate and competent medical malpractice attorneys in the country, let alone in Texas.  Medical malpractice requires a lot of specialized knowledge, process, and expertise.  We trust Ms. Elliott because she has proven time and time again to care about people the way that we care about them, and that delivers results.  You can learn more about Ms. Elliott by visiting her website at

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